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Official website of Kendall Slocum. Actor.


George Bailey "It's a Wonderful Life"      

Daily Show Skit

Grammarly Audition

Grammarly Commercial


   Kendall Slocum is a New York City based  actor with bicoastal film experience and training. In 2019 he earned a B.F.A. in Screen Acting from the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University, where he was awarded the Benning Award for "Outstanding Performance in Screen Acting". 

   He started acting when he was very young. Aside from starring in his third grade production of Aladdin as the Genie, he spent a great deal of his childhood trying to make his mother laugh. This particular experience taught him the joy of entertaining. If he could get her to smile, she never stayed mad for long.

   Kendall is excited to be pursuing his career in New York. He is currently represented by CESD's OC Commercial team, and managed by Wayne Gasser of The Gasser Group. Also in the market for Theatrical representation.

carannante 1.JPG

Management: Wayne Gasser, The Gasser Group. 

Agency: Kirsten Walther, CESD NY (OC Commercial).



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