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about me

Hi. I’m Kendall. Currently I’m based in Los Angeles, but not too long ago I moved out here from New York. Born of two artists -in their own respects- my father the architect and my mother the Spaniard chef, I find I was creatively predisposed. I grew up listening to loud classic rock with the windows down and eventful family meals with no holds barred, half the time in two languages.

I’m an old soul, one with the face of a young and peppy high schooler who just got into his dream college. (see left)  I don’t really drink and I cook my own food. My favorite ice cream is pistachio, which to most people is silly, but I’ve got more in common with the 70 year old gentleman waiting in line for the bathroom than I do with the group of guys crowding the booth. 

As freeing and exciting as acting can be, my academic interests have had a big hand in shaping the man I’ve become today. I’m fascinated with pre-history and early humankind, as well as the universe and its origin. Subjects such as these I’ve found provide a refreshingly radical perspective that is sorely lacking nowadays. We’ve been telling stories for hundreds of thousands of years. Nothing has changed except the technology and budget size. I’m happy to say I’m professional, detail oriented, and deeply humbled by my experience in this industry.

No bullshit here, just work.

And I look forward to working with you.


Kendall Slocum


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