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Slateshot ESP

     My first memorable role was playing Genie in a third-grade production of 'Aladdin'. Since then I've grown my career in New York City, shaped by my Spanish roots, boarding school, & a love for history. I started my film education in Los Angeles which led to joining SAG-AFTRA, booking national commercials, & most recently television guest/co-star spots. Career highlights include viral attention for a Grammarly commercial & acting opposite Christopher Meloni on an episode of Law & Order. Some dream roles of mine are sci-fi odyssey, historical fiction, & apocalypse thrillers, with a special hope to one day share my passion with the Star Wars franchise. Count on my enthusiasm, whether on set or in a workshop. Moving forward, I continue to attend classes, meet casting directors, and grow my team.


The Gasser Group


Wayne Gasser

Sovereign Talent Group

Agent (Theatrical, Main)

Luli Batista


Agent (Commercial, NY)

Kirsten Walther

Paramount Talent Agency

Agent (Theatrical, Southwest)

Ezmé Arana

*Link to additional monlogues, scenes, short films, auditions, & footage

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